Ours Cars...


Bob Porter

1948 Ford Convertible


John And Nancy McGinnis

1937 Ford 4-door Sedan

52 merc 008.JPG

John And Nancy McGinnis

1952 Mercury Monterey Convertible(1st year of the Monterey)


Bruce and Cris Nichols

1936 Ford 4-Door Sedan


Bill Michler and Sandy Looney

1939 Mercury 4-door Sedan


Bill Henline and Trudy Klein

1935 Ford 2-door Sedan


Robin and Paula Ordonez

1936 Ford Cabrolet


Gary and Gerrie Lees

1934 5-Window Coupe


Chris Cayton

1949 2-Door Coupe


Bill Henline’s Famous Fix For Everything Ford

“Change the Coil, Rebuild it ASAP”


Eddie And Barbara Akers

1941 Lincoln Continental


Steve and Jaycie Albert

1939 Ford Coe 1 ½ Ton Truck


Ken and Betty Severa

1946 Ford 4-Door Deluxe Sedan


Dick and Cindy Williams

 1939 Ford Deluxe 2 Door Sedan


Bill Henline and Trudy Klein

1935 Ford Pickup


James McCartney

1940 Mercury Convertible


Paula and Robin

1953 Mercury 2-Door Hardtop


Jim and Joanne

1935 Ford 5 Window Coupe


Dale and Linda Hughes

1940 Mercury 2-Door Coupe


James and Kris Rolstad

1939 2-Door Deluxe Sedan


Gerry and Joanne Herber

1951 Mercury 4Door Sedan


Carl and Diane Line

1953 Ford Convertible


Jim and Joanne Hendry

Ardun Head(Hemispherical) Flathead in 1934 2-Door Coupe


Gary And Gerrie Lees

1941 Mercury 2-Door Sedan Coupe


John And Nancy McGinnis

1930 Ford Roadster

75th Anniversary of the Ford....

2017 is the 75th Anniversary if the 1942 Ford. We hope you like the following interesting technical information and historical facts about this model and contemporary world events:


  • First Fords with fully concealed running boards.
  • First Convertible coupe with side windows for rear-seat passengers.
  • Last Ford vehicles produced for civilian use until after World War II.
  • Last Fords produced under the management of Henry Ford.
  • Last year for the 221c.i. V-8 engine.
  • Price - from $780 for the 6 cyl Special Coupe to $1,125 for the Super De Luxe 4-dr V-8 Wagon
  • Wheelbase 114", overall length 194.4", height 68.15"
  • Weight - ranged from 2,910 lbs for the 6 cyl Super De Luxe Coupe ro 3,468 lbs for the Super De Luxe V-8 Wagon
  • Engines - 221 cubic inch 96-hp Flathead V-8 and 225.8 ci 6 cylinder rated at 90 horsepower
  • Production totals - 160,221; Fewest - Deluxe Station Wagon, 567; Most - Super De Luxe Tudor Sedan 37,199
  • Serial numbers - V-8: Beginning 18-5,896,295 End - 18-6,769,035 6cyl: Beginning 1GA-1 End - 1GA-034,800
  • Ford Introduced the new models September 12,1941: production ended February 10, 1942.
  • The 1942 Fords consisted of three models: Special, De Luxe, and Super De Luxe; the Special series was available with only the 6 cyl engine.
  • Actress Carol Lombard and her mother among 22 victims of the crash of TWA plane January 16.
  • Muhammed Ali is born January 17.
  • On February 20 Lieutenant Edward "Butch" O'Hare becomes America's first Word War II flying ace.
  • On March 19, the Thorobred Racing Association of the U. S. was formed in Chicago.
  • On May 22, Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, is born in Evergreen Park, Illinois.
  • The Alaska Highway was completed October 28.
  • Casablanca premiers November 26 in New York.
  • Nationwide gasoline rationing begins December 1.
  • On December 2 the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction is initiated below the bleachers of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago.