Gary Lees' 1934 Ford 5 window coupe - The Find!

Car was abandoned in the mid 50’s, after being damaged, in an apple ranch near Entiat, WA. The car survived kids playing in it and numerous requests to purchase it, mostly by people wanting to turn it into a stock car. In the mid 70’s, the ranch owner’s son, after returning from a tour in the navy, moved the car to Moses Lake, where he restored the car to running condition. In 1985 I answered an ad in the Piston and Rudder magazine, drove over to Moses Lake and made an offer on the car which was turned down. I returned home and continued looking for an early Ford V8. About two weeks later I received a phone call that he would accept my offer. A friend offered to take his van and car trailer over and pick it up. Which we did. Good thing, I hadn’t driven the car and found out the brakes only worked on one wheel, it over heated and the generator wasn’t working. After some repair work to make the car safe and reliable we drove it on several trips to California and many local car tours.

34 Ford.jpg